Y’all, I did it!

I totally meant to update the blog every three or four days while doing the Paleo thing, but alas, I am a spaz. So here I am checking back in over a month later and 10 days after the official weight-out for my bet. Long story short, I lost the 13 lbs (managed 14 in fact) and won my $1300! I won’t lie- I’m damn proud of myself. I mustered more self-control and motivation than I ever have before and did the diet justice.


Paleo was brutal. The cravings for pasta and gummy bears about destroyed me. I probably averaged 2 zucchinis a day made into zoodles to curb my noodle needs. I consumed a total of 17 lbs of sweet potatoes and god knows how much chicken. And I still felt hungry constantly. I’m pretty sure my coworkers and boyfriend hated me for the first couple weeks while I was detoxing off sugar and getting used to eating so clean. Thanksgiving and Christmas felt like major splurges, despite staying as Paleo as possible, and left me feeling bloated/sick for two days after each holiday. I honestly rode the struggle bus from day 1 of Paleo all the way to the final day. Actually, I didn’t ride the struggle bus. I drove it. But… after all the #struggle… I submitted my official weight-out on December 31 at 183 lbs and it was worth every bit of trouble.

And now, I am treating myself to a few weeks of normalcy. All the gummy bears, ice cream, and pasta I can handle. Coincidentally, my mother gave me a 3 pound bag of Haribo gummy bears for Christmas. Best. Gift. Ever. gummybearsThen I’ll probably be picking up a less strict Paleo lifestyle again to see how much I can slim down before top surgery in April. Onward to 2018! 21 pounds lighter and significantly more fit than I was mid-November 2017! And best of all… $1300 richer!

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